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Be it school assignments, extra-curricular activities, writing a research paper, publishing a blog or even coming up with a good startup idea and making amazing business presentations, one needs to have a good strong research to back it up. Research is the foundation of any and all of these activities. In the 21st Century, the era when thinking expands beyond the books, one needs to know how to research in order to take risks or come up with theories and articles that spread like wildfire. Today’s learners don’t have to only worry about finding the right and apt resources, but also about effective ways to present this information in. This course will focus on the basics of research and will guide the students through these topics – 

  1. What is research and why is it important to do research

  2. What are the different types of data 

  3. What are the research tools one can use and how to use them 

This course will inculcate the skills of critical thinking and problem solving in the learners. Learners will also gain media and information literacy along with many other skills that are relevant on all levels and in all fields of education. After the successful completion of the course, the learners will receive a certificate of completion. Skills learnt in this course help students in all spheres of life and even for school projects, college assignments and entrance exams. Learn the hacks of research now and use smart shortcuts later. Hurry, get your research on now!!

  • Research and its needs and uses

  • Data and the different types of data

  • Data collection methodologies

  • Data recording

  • Basics of data collection

  • Data organization and analysis

  • Various data research tools

  • Ethics in Research

  • This course introduces its learners to a multiplicity of skills to the learners such as that of critical thinking and effective and efficient problem solving. 

  • Students will also learn media and information literacy through this course

  • The course will also inculcate confidence in the students and would further encourage the students to take initiative and have a self-direction 

  • This course encourages effective communication and collaboration amongst the student body

  • What is research?
  • Data and Some of its types
  • Quantitative and Qualitative Data
  • Primary and Secondary Data
  • Data Collection: Sampling
  • Data: Collection and Recording
  • Activity | Making a Questionnaire
  • Data: Organizing and Analysing
  • Ethics and Legalities
  • Citing and References
  • Effective Google Searches
  • Using Research Tools
  • Activity | Writing and Publishing a Blog
  • Recap
  • On-demand Video Lessons
  • Engaging Activities
  • Certificate of Completion

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