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Hello budding MUNers!

If you ever wanted to attend Model United Nations Conferences but felt constrained because the training sessions were either too boring or too expensive, well, Brainwiz has a gift for you. Take up our FREE course on Model United Nations and learn about everything there is to start your MUN journey today.This course will guide you through the following:
  • What is an MUN and why you should attend Model UN Conferences
  • Key Skills to become a good MUNer. This includes the skills of
    • Research
    • Foreign policy
    • Rules of Procedure &
    • Consensus Building
  • 2 Sets of Rules of Procedure
    • UNA-USA, the most common sets of procedure.
    • UN4MUN, the official procedure released by United Nations
  • How to prepare for a MUN and how to organize your own model UN Conference.


This course is  a great way to not only learn about Model UNs but also sharpen your 21st century skills of leadership, critical-thinking, problem solving, research, and communication & collaboration.

This course is prepared in partnership with the United Nations Information Centre for India and Bhutan, only for all you MUN enthusiasts out there. When you complete this course, you will be able to download a unique and personalized certificate, jointly endorsed by UNIC and Brainwiz.

You will also get to download a set of amazing handouts and worksheets worth Rs. 1000/-
for absolutely free
 when you enrol for this course. Use these resources for collaborating and learning with your friends when you go back to schools.

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After the completion of the course, a user will be able to:

  • Understand the Structure and Functioning of United Nations​
  • Understand the importance of Model United Nations​
  • Prepare for your First Miodel UN Conferences​
  • Research and organise your thoughts before a conference
  • Use your Country’s foreign policy for your benefit
  • Debate using two sets of procedure
  • The importance of public debate
  • The UN and model UNs
  • Why Participate in model UNs
  • My first MUN: A typical MUN committee
  • Preparing for Model UN : Key focus area
  • Research Methodologies
  • Foreign Policy and Lobbying
  • An Overview
  • Flow of Debate
  • Motions
  • Points
  • Documentation & Voting
  • Review
  • Consensus Building
  • An overview
  • Detailed Procedure
  • Organizing Team
  • Structuring your Preparation
  • How to organize a MUN
  • Final message from instructor


  1. Jointly endorsed by the UN Information Centre for India and Bhutan & Brainwiz.


  1. Boss of Basic – On completing quiz after Lesson 4
  2. King of Research – On completing quiz after Lesson 6
  3. Minister of Foreign Affairs – On completing quiz after Lesson 7
  4. Guide – On completing quiz after Lesson 10
  5. Point of Order – On completing quiz after Lesson 11
  6. Leader – On completing quiz after Lesson 12
  7. Crafty Negotiator – On completing Lesson 13
  8. UN4MUN Master – On completing Lesson 17
  9. Amazing Delegate! – On Completing the Course


  1. About the UN – Available with Lesson 2
  2. The UN Charter Summary – Available with Lesson 6
  3. Position Paper – Available with Lesson 4
  4. Research Starting Points – Available with Lesson 6
  5. UNA-USA: Flow of Debate – Available with Lesson 9
  6. UNA-USA: Motions – Available with Lesson 10
  7. UNA-USA: Points – Available with Lesson 11
  8. UNA-USA: Resolution Process – Available with Lesson 12
  9. UNA-USA: Procedure at a Glance – Available with Lesson 13
  10. UN4MUN: Detailed Procedure – Available with Lesson 16
  11. UN4MUN: Leadership Roles – Available with Lesson 17


  1. Position Paper – Available with Lesson 4
  2. Research and Foreign Policy – Available with Lesson 2
  3. Practice Motions – Available with Lesson 10
  4. Resolution Process – Available with Lesson 12
  5. Procedure Review – Available with Lesson 13
  6. Procedure Flowchart – Available with Lesson 17
  1. United Nations In India –
  2. United Nations Information Center –
  3. Charter of the United Nations –
  4. Universal Declaration of Human Rights –
  5. Convention on the Rights of the Child –
  6. Transforming our world: the 2030 Agenda for Sustainable Development
  7. Sustainable Development Goals –
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  • Resources worth Thousands
  • Quizzes & Assignments
  • UNIC Endorsed Certificate

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