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Computer fundamentals, power of computing and more

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Welcome to the world of computers, the internet and everything digital!!

In today’s time, computers, mobile phones and the internet have become an integral and indispensable part of our daily lives. This dependence on the modern day technology is exactly what makes this course so relevant for anyone. With this course, students will do away with putting blind trust in technology and will learn about the right ways to make use of technology, to use it efficiently and effectively and most importantly in a safe manner. In a world full of horrid stories of cyberbullying and virtual privacy invasions, it is important to know the power of the network and how to stay safe on the web. 

This course encourages media and technological literacy in students, allowing them to steer clear from the dangers lurking on the internet and not critically think and analyze the technology being provided to them, instead of blindly trusting it. In order to have a safe experience on the internet and to make the most of it, enroll now!! 

Have a safe internet experience, backed by a certificate,  after successfully completing the course!!

  • The basics of computer and its uses as a smart device in the 21st Century

  • Hardware and Software

  • Introduction to programming and coding

  • The world of web – what is the internet and its importance in the evolved world

  • The key concepts of having a safe surfing experience on the net

  • This course encourages skills like critical thinking, communication and collaboration in the students

  • Learners gain media, technology and information literacy through this course

  • By inculcating confidence and knowledge, this courses powers the learners to take initiative and walk on the path of Self Direction

  • Introduction to computer and its uses
  • What is Hardware?
  • What is Software?
  • Introduction to Programming and Coding 
  • New Age Computers: Smart Devices
  • What are networks?
  • How does the internet work?
  • Everyday tasks and common Software
  • Web Searches
  • E-Mail
  • Entertainment
  • Social Media
  • E-Commerce and Internet Banking
  • Using computers for work
  • Internet: Need to stay safe
  • Trolling, Cyber-bullying and Cyber-Stalking
  • Social Networking Hazards
  • Malware and Anti-Malware
  • Hackers, Data-thieves and Cyber-criminals
  • Staying Safe on the Internet
  • Passwords and private data

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  • On-demand Video Lessons
  • Engaging Activities
  • Assessments and Readings
  • Certificate of Completion

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