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21st Century

Prepare for the professional world with skills of Critical Thinking, Problem Solving, Communication, Collaboration, and Leadership.

Socio-Emotional Competencies

Make deeper connections with yourself and people around you with competencies of Empathy, Compassion, and Mindfulness

Contemporary Topics

Understand the most important local and global issues and become leaders to solve them for the world with BrainwizOnine

9 Years of Experience into 1 Platform

Brainwiz has been working with students, educational institutions, think-tanks, and other organisations to improve the outcomes of classroom education by making them more relevant to the 21st-century. We have combined our 9 years of interactions and experience into bringing an all inclusive online learning platform to power learning for the future!

Why BrainwizOnline?

Because your preparation for the future should not take a break!

BrainwizOnline packs our 9 years of experience into one online platform. We deliver the same quality and student engagement programs online, as we do offline.

The main idea behind an online platform is to make preparation for the future inclusive in all aspects. We want to reach out to students in the farthest corner of the country by the year 2022.

BrainwizOnline is designed for impact. We want to make it accessible to everyone who wants to start their journey of transformation. Therefore, we only charge a minimal fee of Rs. 25/- per month from all learners. 

This fee is used for securing your data online, preparing new content for you, and providing access to the platform for free to those who cannot even afford this fee.

Yes! You can use the resources on BrainwizOnline to engage your kids in activities that are aimed at skill development. Kids can also use these resources as assignments.

Besides multiple online and offline services that we offer to schools, we also invite them to register all their students on the platform. Bulk registrations come with huge discounts and benefits for schools and students. 

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How it Works?

Get Membership

Do not worry about buying multiple courses and resources. You get access to all the content on BrainwizOnline with just one membership

Complete Courses

Brainwiz brings the best content, specially curated for you. Each course aims at enhancing competencies needed in the 21st century

Take Quizzes

Self assessments help you improve at every step. Quizzes form an essential part of each course and help you improve at every step

Collect Achievements

Enrol for courses, complete lessons, and attempt quizzes to win multiple achievements. Collect achievements at every step

Get Certificates

Completing each course on BrainwizOnline wins you a personalised certificate. The certificates are endorsed by Brainwiz and course partners